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Privacy Policy -

As a small family business we only ask for/retain/process the absolute minimum information we need to run a private property rental business.

We keep data in as simple & secure format as possible - Tenant Details & Contracts are on paper, held in a secured location, and other applicable data is held in a secure password protected digital format.

Our 'employees' with access to personal data, are all family members and we undertake almost all management and maintenance ourselves, so data is only seen in a very restricted circle. The few contractors we use are accountable to and tasked directly by us, so we never need them to have access to any personal information relating to our tenants.

We do not use any Letting Agents or Utility Management companies so do not share any data with them.

We do use Advertising/Marketing services but they do not need or receive any personal data, as they are just 'introducers', and all viewings are arranged by us directly.

Any data outflows are only allowed if absolutely essential, for us to perform the contract between us and our tenants, or for legal requirements of a property rental business – specifically these may include: Local Council, Utility Companies, Deposit Protection schemes, our Accountants, and the Universities.

All our shared houses are let under Joint Liability Contracts so it is a legitimate interest (for us and for all the joint tenants) to share data amongst the 'group', but we do this only when necessary.

We do not use Rent Guarantors, but do accept payment from parents for students. We hold a verbal or email confirmation of payment by bank SO, but we do not hold bank details as payments are sent to us via Standing Orders (we do not use Direct Debits).

We do not send out ANY marketing emails/correspondence and (with named exceptions as above) NEVER pass on personal info without good reason, and if required always with explicit prior consent (e.g. Reference requests from us).

All data mentioned above is archived after each letting year is complete, and retained in the secure archive for 7 years, and then shredded (paper records) or deleted (computer records).

If you have any comments or queries on this policy please do contact us.

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